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Stats Fanatics is a powerful web-based tool that allows team or league managers to quickly and easily handle roster management, statistics, records, scheduling, standings, box scores, and news items as well as provide a forum for their players and fans to communicate.

It is our goal to provide the most dynamic, user-friendly, and highest quality sports content management system on the web. Not only does Stats Fanatics make it easier for an individual to manage their team or league, it greatly enhances their players and fans overall experience.

Season Stats, Career Stats, and More

Detailed Team and Player Statistical Breakdowns

Stats Fanatics raises the bar when it comes to tracking team and player statistics. Not only can teams and players view their stats by season, tournament, or career, but they can also view them by regular season, postseason, location, level of play, organization, month, year, home and away, day and night, and by opponent. Stats Fanatics also provides a detailed records section for both teams and leagues for all time accomplishments. Simply submit player totals after a game and let our site do the rest.

Team Site Features

  • Schedule Management
  • Roster Management
  • Box Scores
  • Team News and Game Recaps
  • Post YouTube Videos
  • Team Forums
  • Custom Display Settings
  • Team Stats
  • Player Stats
  • Player Cards
  • Player Game Logs
  • Team Standings Breakdowns
  • Game Records
  • Season Records
  • Tournament Records
  • Player Awards

League Site Features

  • Schedule Management
  • Schedule Generator
  • Automated Standings
  • Roster Management
  • Box Scores
  • Organization News
  • League News
  • Team News
  • Post YouTube Videos
  • Organization Forums
  • Custom League Display Settings
  • Custom Team Display Settings
  • Team Leaderboards
  • League Leaderboards
  • Team Stats
  • Player Stats
  • Player Cards
  • Player Game Logs
  • Team Standings Breakdowns
  • Team Records
  • League Records
  • Player Awards
  • Ability to grant team managers access to maintain their own rosters, stats, news items, awards and display settings.

How much does it cost?

Team Sites

Team managers can create their own site for free. Free site functionality includes schedule management, roster management, news items, forums, and display settings. In order for team site managers to take total advantage of all of Stats Fanatics statistical features such as tracking individual player statistics on a game by game basis, they need to purchase 'game tokens' to enter detailed game totals on a token per game basis.

When you create a new team account, you are immediately credited with 5 game tokens to give you the opportunity to try out our entire statistical engine. You can purchase more game tokens through your account settings using paypal.

Team owners can purchase 25 Game Tokens for only $14.95.

Create your own team site now. Have your site online in a matter of minutes. Click HERE to get started.

League Sites

Unlike other content management sites available to leagues, Stats Fanatics does not charge monthly or annual fees! We rely on advertisement revenue. Simply put, if you are an established league that wants to use our site then Stats Fanatics will allow you to use our league engine completely free of charge!

If your organization is interested in using Stats Fanatics, please click HERE to get started.

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Stats Fanatics
This organization site was created in order to display what our league web-based tool can do.

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