Frequently Asked Questions
What is Stats Fanatics?
Stats Fanatics is a powerful web-based tool that allows team and league managers to quickly and easily handle roster management, statistics, scheduling, box scores, and news stories for their own sports team as well as provide a forum for their players and fans to communicate.

What types of statistical categories does the web-based tool provide?
The question should be what doesn't the web-based statistical tool provide? After a manager enters the basic game totals the rest of the statistics are computed by the Stats Fanatics engine and are immediately available for viewing. Not only can players view their statistics by seasons, tournaments, or career, but they can also view their statistics by regular season, postseason, by location, by level of play, by organization, by month, by year, by home or away games, by day or night games, by opponent, etc. The Stats Fanatics team site also keeps track of a team's standings history, individual and team records as well as individual player profiles including their personal statistics.

What if I don't want to keep track of specific types of statistics?
Stats Fanatics provides a very easy to use and flexible administrative section that allows managers to choose different types of statistical templates geared towards their team or league. For example, not only can managers choose between batting statistical templates geared towards softball or baseball, they can also turn off pitching or fielding statistics entirely. Managers can also change other statistical settings such as how many plate appearances per game it takes a batter to qualify to get on their leaderboard.

What else can managers do through the administrative section?
Among settings team managers control include creating new seasons or tournaments, game scheduling, posting standings, creating news items with optional headline images, changing site color settings, uploading a team logo or team banner to be displayed, and creating an editing player profiles. Team managers can also grant other users administrative access to help them run their team site.

League managers have the same abilities as team managers when running their site. League managers can also grant admin privileges to teams in their league so they can edit their own rosters, display settings, post their own news items, and enter their own game stats.

Can I insert stats for past seasons and tournaments?

My team plays in multiple leagues during the week as well as an occasional tournament? Can I keep track of all of them at once?
Absolutely! You can easliy keep track of as many leagues and tournaments overlapping each other as you want. Users can also view statistics by specific league or tournament organizations, overall league careers, overall tournament careers, and even overall league and tournament careers combined.

Organization sites can track multiple leagues at once too.

Can I create multiple team sites?
Yes! You can create and manage as many team sites as you want. However, Stats Fanatics reserves the right to remove teams that are inactive for more than a year or have violated our terms and conditions.

What sports does Stats Fanatics support?
Stats Fanatics supports baseball, softball, basketball, hockey, indoor and outdoor soccer. We are currently working on adding more sports to our engine soon.